Abdul Alawi - Administrative Assistant

Abdul Alawi

Abdul Swamad Alawi is the Administrative Assistant at Arigatou International – Kenya. Previously Abdul has worked for National Muslim Leaders Forum as a System Support assistant and as an accountant with Nafisa and Alibhai Audit Firm. He later joined The African Council of Religious Leaders as youth intern before joining DNC Stationers Company as the Head of Sales Department.

Abdul has a Diploma in Business and ICT from the Institute of Advanced Technology, Nairobi and is now pursuing his Bachelors of Arts in International Relations at Kenya Methodist University. For the last 3 years he has been the Chairman of Kenya Interfaith Youth Network, which is a wing chapter of Interreligious Council of Kenya under the umbrella of Religions for Peace.

Abdul has a passion for children and youth in general and he has conducted seminars and workshop trainings in different parts of Kenya especially in the East and Western parts. Abdul has been a key player in youth activism in different subjects such as Environment awareness, eradication of small weapons, landmines and cluster ammunitions campaigns.

Abdul has a passion for children and he is involved in many charity events that aim to benefit children from under privileged families especially orphans.