Shining Ever Brighter

Benevolent activities grow naturally from the lifestyle of “prayer and practice” advocated by Myochikai. After four decades of assisting people inneed in various ways, in 1990 Rev. Takeyasu Miyamoto established the Arigatou Foundation as a faith-based NGO dedicated to creating a better environment for children around the world. The activities of the Arigatou Foundation are all rooted in Myochikai’s recognition that children are the treasure of humanity, the inheritors of the Earth, and the bearers of future peace.

Since its founding, Myochikai has consistently endeavored to realize the vision of its founder—contributing to lasting world peace. For Myochikai, Rev. Mitsu Miyamoto’s founding proclamation expresses the essence of Buddhist teaching and practice for building peace. Myochikai members seek to follow her dedicated example of selfless service and her practice of mercy and unconditional love. To this end, they follow the four primary teachings, which spring intrinsically from the heart of the founding proclamation. For Myochikai members, the practice of each one of the primary teachings, in its own way, directly contributes to peace for individuals, families, societies and the world.

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