On 8th April 2020, GNRC members and friends from across the world participated in a webinar meeting on COVID-19 and Child Protection organized by Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children (End Violence) and the Early Childhood Development Action Network (ECDAN). The two hosting organizations focused on key issues on child protection in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting attracted 1,400 participants from 120 countries across the world.

In responding to the global call to contain COVID-19, GNRC member in DR Congo, Bureau d'informations, Formations Échanges et Recherches pour le Développement (BIFERD), is working with African Rescue Vision (ARV) and the Medical Department of the Community of Baptist Churches in Eastern DR Congo (55th CEBCE) to equip the community with proper knowledge on ways to prevent infection and spread of the virus.

Dear Members and Friends of the GNRC,

Over the last three months, the world has been stunned by anxiety as it witnesses the growing pandemic caused by the coronavirus. We are now shaken by the reality that the next months will be challenging for everyone. The impact on socio-economic conditions globally is unimaginable.

Under the banner “Values of our Faith: How Best to Relate with Each Other,” GNRC–South Africa held a robust workshop on 26th January 2020 for experts focusing on children and youth development. The Curries Fountain boardroom in Durban played host to the workshop that kicked off with remarks by GNRC Coordinator for South Africa, Ms Saydoon Nisa Sayed.