A Message from Abubakar Kabwogi, Secretary General of the GNRC Fourth ForumThe continual exercise of human power on the planet seems to be moving us all towards a zenith of oppression, discrimination and poverty. The comprehensiveness of this phenomenon affects even our most private discourses and personal affairs and as you prepare to come to Dar es Salaam I feel overwhelmed to address this issue with you. As a religious person, I should remind us that this phenomenon has both immediate and transcendent aspects. In particular am concerned about the correlation between social and political systems of those with everything and the spiritual well-being of those with little or nothing at all.The best of human experience i.e. heartfelt and good conscience can overcome this negative human manifestation of oppression and poverty. The most fundamental and unique right of human beings is the right to live a decent life yet it becomes the very thing taken away from us by systematic oppression and poverty.