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2008 Report on the Day of Prayer and Action for Children by the Religions of the World


On November 20, 2008, Tamer Institute for Community Education initiated a series of activities across the West Bank and Gaza Strip for this year's World Day of Prayer and Action for Children.

School Open Days
As part of Tamer's commitment to safe quality education for children, we are undertaking a project with partner "Save the Children-UK", aiming to increase children's protection in schools, the family, and the community, and generally to provide Palestinian children living under military occupation with the protective sphere necessary to ensure their physical and emotional well-being. "A Protective Sphere for Palestinian Children" is currently being implemented in 15 schools in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and on November 20 all of the participating schools presented "Open Days" for the children, parents and community members. Activities of the Open Days included creative writing sessions, drama workshops and presentations, drawing workshops and painting. The parents and community members involved in the implementation of the project attended the Open Days as well as the children benefited from increased opportunities to express themselves and have fun while learning in a safe and protective environment supported by their teachers, parents and other community members.

These activities ended with a prayer from the participants for children all over the World to have peaceful life.

Storytelling and Peace Doves
In Ramallah, two of Tamer's staff members Nisreen Khalil and Mira Dabit, performed storytelling for a group of approximately 40 children between the ages of 12 and 14 at the Palestinian Book Fair held at the Saleem Afandi Hall. The children were from one local boys' school and one local girls' school. Nisreen and Mira also facilitated an art workshop for the children as part of "Save the Children's Rewrite the Future" campaign, which aims at providing quality education for children affected by conflict around the World. The children were given outlines of doves which they painted and coloured according to the theme of the workshop, Doves for Peace (For more info on the campaign, please visit its website.  

The children very much enjoyed the storytelling and the art workshop, taking advantage of the colourful paints and markers to express themselves and their desire for peace. The doves along with the children's messages demanding peace and expressing their wishes for a free Palestine have been sent to "Save the Children" ahead of their exhibition along with the Doves from other fragile states at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Norway, to be held on December 12th in Oslo.

Puppet Show
Tamer Institute affiliate Ya'oub Arafeh also held a puppet show in Jerusalem at a school for orphaned children. The children greatly enjoyed the show, which provided an opportunity for laughter and amusement, an opportunity to temporarily forget the daily hardships faced by these children. After the puppet show, the children received children's books, colouring markers, and stationary needed for their school work.

These activities were coordinated by Niveen Shaheen: Tamer representative to the GNRC.

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