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2008 Reports on the Day of Prayer and Action for Children by the Religions of the World

Activities by the Children of Al-Moukhales School
Saida, Lebanon, 20th November 2008


The Children of Al-Moukhales School in Saida have participated in the Day of Prayer and Action for Children by the Religions of the World. As part of their participation four activities too place on the 20th November 2008.

The First activity was a conference for educators and people who work with children on different levels. The conference held the theme of 'Child Rights' and the participants had been introduced to the idea behind this Day of Prayer and the Work of GNRC.

Activities held for children included a painting and drawing session where young people expressed what this day meant to them and the situation of children in their society as they perceive it. Afterwards, some children have nominated themselves to join a group responsible of implementing and organizing activities for this Day of Prayer on the 20th November of each year. An election took place and the group has been formed with the responsibility of arranging activities and prayers, in coordination with the School Administration, for the 20th November 2009.

After the School Day, the group who was elected and some other children started distributing brochures to cars and people who passed in the streets raising awareness about Child Rights, The Day of Prayer and action for children and our responsibility to create a world fit for children.

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