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Consultation with Children on Poverty, Nepal, February 2012

On 25th Feb 2012, Shanti Sewa Ashrma (SSA) and Hindu Vidyapeeth Nepal (HVP) organized a consultation program on the theme of GNRC. Interaction and Awareness program that took place in Hindu Vidyapeeth-Nepal with the children aged group 12 - 18. These children were mainly from grades 7 - 9 from both HVP and Children Study Centre of SSA as well as from other schools. Participants were divided into different groups for further discussion who were further facilitated by Mr Vishnu Bhakta Dangi (vice principal) and Mr Ghanshyam Yogi (administrative officer). There were 60 children altogether in number from various schools and community center. Among the 60 participants mainly Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and Christians children participated.