The Day was celebrated at Holguin, Cardenas, Ranchuelo, Matanzas and Havana with interfaith events bringing joy and reaffirming the rights of children. November 20 has been incorporated into the annual calendars in churches, religions and faith-based groups throughout Cuba, including Christians, Muslims, Baha’is, Yoruba spirituality and non-practitioners. This has been possible in no small degree thanks to the committed leadership of Moraima Gonzalez, Christian Institute for Gender Studies, and Rev. Ofelia Ortega, GNRC coordinator for Cuba.

The World Day of Prayer and Action for Children took place on December 15, with the participation of 200 children and 180 adults and was an inter-faith celebration including Christian churches, Bahá'í  and Muslim Communities. However, related ethics education activities have taken place throughout the year.

“All Together to stop violence against children” was the name of the DPAC celebration in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was organized by the GNRC Bosnia and Herzegovina and the “All Together” youth group of the Interreligious Council in B&H. The main topic of this year celebration was to Stop Violence against Children and the focus was on Promoting Positive Parenting.

On the 19th of November 2012, an important European Interfaith Celebration took place at the European Commission in Brussels.  The theme was “The right of children to water and to live in a world without violence“. This event took place in the framework of the “Water Campaign” launched by Religions for Peace Europe and the “World Day of Prayer and Action for Children”, which is celebrated every year in all continents on the occasion of the Anniversary of the Convention for the Rights of the Child.

Last August, the GNRC Europe participated in a training course on ‘Learning to Live Together’ organized by DANIB (‘For Democratic Azerbaijan’) and supported by the ‘Youth for Peace via Cultures’ project and ‘Youth in Action’ program, two initiatives created by the EU Commission.