International Youth Peace Workshop Tanzania 2010, Day 3

GNRC Africa

Thursday, January 28, 2010


The day started for the participants with a meditation walk, before they all joined together to remember the things they learned yesterday and to get briefed about today’s program. After this, the participants split in to groups, such as yesterday: Youth and Youth Leaders.

Throughout the morning, the Youth looked deeper into the problematic violence causes and how to deal with them, or, more important, how to prevent violence: “What are those non-violent alternatives that we can use to make a difference in our societies?” After discussing this topic, the participants experienced a ‘violent’ situation themselves during a role-play. They all got handed out ‘passports’ and arrived at an airport, where all of them had to pass the immigration officer. While some of the youth had no problem to pass the control and got treaded in a very polite way, some were not let through without being given any reasons and were shouted at. After this experience they shared their feelings about it – not only how they experienced their own situation but also what they felt while looking how the other group got treated.

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