GNRC 5th Forum Registration Form

The registration form below, will enable the secretariat have your basic information as a participant to the upcoming GNRC 5th forum, which will take place on 9, 10 and 11 May 2017 in Panama City, Panama.

The theme for the Forum is: “Ending Violence Against Children: Faith Communities in Action.” The 5th Forum will focus specifically on solutions for the challenges presented by various forms of violence against children, broken down into three sub-themes. These are: “Protecting Children from Violent Extremism, Gang Violence and Organized Crime”; “Nurturing Spirituality and Ending Violence in Child Upbringing”; and “Ending Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Children.” The role of faith communities in addressing these challenges—especially through interreligious cooperation—will be the main focus of the Forum. Kindly fill the required information and submit as soon as possible.

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