Ethics Education for Children, an Arigatou International Initiative

Learning to Live Together is the first outcome of the worldwide ethics education initiative launched by Arigatou International and GNRC. The initiative was committed at the occasion of the UN Special Session on Children in May 2002 on order to make the development of spirituality in children – their ethical values and esteem for people of different cultures, religions and civilisations – an essential part of the “quality education” pledged in the Special Session Outcome Document, “A World Fit for Children.”

Learning to Live Together is an intercultural and interfaith programme for ethics education, designed to contribute to the realisation of the right of the child to full and healthy physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development, and to education as set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), in article 26.1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), in the World Declaration on Education for All and in the Millennium Development Goals. It is a resource for educators and youth leaders.

Learning to Live Together is guided by an overall pledge to safeguard human dignity. Its aims are to strengthen children’s commitment to justice, respect for human rights, and to build harmonious relationships between individuals and within societies. Learning to Live Together approaches the issue of ethics education from the perspectives of intercultural and interfaith learning, human rights and quality education, where ethics and values are nurtured and where children are given the space to develop their innate potential for spirituality.

Learning to Live Together provides youth leaders and educators worldwide with the tools for an intercultural and interfaith programme, by which children and young people are able to develop a stronger sense of ethics. It is designed to help the young understand and respect people from other cultures and religions and to nurture their sense of a global community. The resource has been developed in close cooperation with UNESCO and UNICEF.

  • Watch a video about Learning to Live Together or download a brochure about it here.
  • Download the entire program manual in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Arabic here.
  • Visit the website for the ethics education program, where all the latest information is available.