GNRC Third Forum - Arab States Action Plan 2008-2012
(Target group)
1. Children 1. CRC camps
2. CRC school clubs
3. Seminars and workshops
4. Inter-faith Thematic Week
5. Prayer Week for the Peace of the Children
6. Children open days activities
Summer time
Short holidays

National and regional
2. Family and caregivers Family Awareness
1. Lectures and workshops
2. Counseling sessions
3. Flyers and publications
4. Mother-to-mother action
5. Inter-faith periodical or occasional  newsletter
Social events
School events and fairs
Parents councils and committee meetings
Religious events
3. Educators and teachers Training on ethics and Inter-faith education
1. Monitors
2. Trainers
  National, regional, and bi-regional
4. Religious leaders Awareness raising   National, regional and international
5. Policy and decision makers Awareness raising
Common planning
  National, regional and international
6. Media Awareness raising   National, regional and international