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Central Asia and the Caucasus Report

GNRC Central Asia and the Caucasus
2008 Report on Day of Prayer and Action for Children

An agenda of ideas for the World Day has been developed, and shared with regional contact members. The focus is on the inter-faith teachings of the great philosopher-poets of the region, with selective use of some of the stories from the 3rd Forum story-book which relate to the 3-point Third Forum message on addressing poverty/violence/environment. The region is working to identify and use the teachings of thinkers of the region, to promote interest in the GNRC message by linking it to the teachings known to the region and its cultures. 

Inter-faith dialogue meeting of the Centac Region Focus group of scholars, students, peace educators and faith-based workers. was held to make a connection with the UN International Day of Tolerance (16th November). This meeting examined the philosophy of a Turkish poet, Yunus Emre (14th Century), who carried the message of divine love and universal brotherhood across his country. The cooperation of the Asian Conference on Religions for Peace (ACRP) was invited for this occasion. 

A link dialogue took place with the India GNRC interest group, again involving young people and scholars, to compare the inter-faith messages of Emre and the Indian saint-poet Kabir (also 14th/15th Century). 

A networking process was formed to develop and organise ongoing inter-country and country-based dialogues, exploring the teachings of ancient poets and thinkers of the region throughout the year, leading to the global launch of the Day of Prayer and Action for Children in 2009. 

Copies of the 'Learning to Live Together' book were distributed to encourage its use by those partners who are educators working with children and youth. 

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