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2008 Report on the Day of Prayer and Action for Children by the Religions of the World

Prayers at Various Schools in Jordan
The Fisher Program and the Baby-Fisher Program
Amman, Jordan, 20th November 2008

To counter the trend toward abuse of religion that is harmful to children and to energize all religions to put into practice their highest principles of care and protection for children, The Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC), in its Third Forum, proposed to have a designated day once a year when all the religions of the world will - in unison - rededicate themselves to promoting the well-being of children as their sacred duty. They would do so both through prayers, and through visible, tangible, measurable actions, in all places of worship in all communities of the world. 

It was proposed that the 20th of November, the anniversary of the most universally embraced human rights treaty - the Convention on the Rights of the Child - be designated as the Day of Prayer and Action for Children by the World's Religions. 

On that day, all over the world, in every community, prayer services will be held in all the places of worship on a common theme that relates to the wellbeing of children and protection of their rights. These prayers will include both events held by particular religious communities, as well as interfaith liturgies where people from different faiths come together to pray and recommit themselves to working for children's well-being. The prayer services will give people of faith opportunities to celebrate the gifts that children bring into their local communities and into the world; to reflect on the various ways in which they have failed to bring dignity to children; to explore ways of being more effective in fulfilling their responsibilities in relation to children; and to strengthen their ability to listen and work in partnership with children to build communities characterized by respect and understanding.

As part of their participation in this day, the members of the Fisher Program and the Baby-Fisher Program held activities and prayers in their own schools in solidarity with children all around the World.

Rand Farahat, 16 years old, had carried out a prayer with her English Class members in the Franciscan Sisters School (St. Joseph). First, Rand introduced the idea of this Day of Prayer and Action for Children to the class. Afterwards, The Christian students did a prayer for children and the Muslim students recited Al-Fatiha. 

Rahmeh Hamdan, 16 years old, arranged for an activity with younger children in Prince Hamza School. She led a focus group of children during an open discussion on how they envision a better world for children, especially in the Middle East. The participants got the opportunity to pray for change and the well-being of children. 

Hind Farahat, 22 years old, who teaches at Jordan Hotel School, Amman, also carried out an activity during the Morning Briefing of the students. She red the Concept Paper aloud to all students of the school explaining how the idea of this day was initiated and what will be going on around the World. Afterwards two students, one Muslim and another Christian, volunteered to say a prayer for the children of the World and children of the Arab States. After reading aloud the prayers, all students were asked to have a moment of silence to pray, each according to their religions and traditions, for children of the World and their well-being. 

At The National Patriarchal Collage, Al-Misdar, Salam Al-Naber and Ehab Wahhab, 16 years old, led the same activity during The Line Briefing of the School, encouraging all students and teachers to pray for children and renew their duty towards their rights and welfare. Dymiana Al-Naber, 12 years old, and Rahaf Al-Naber,7 years old, also carried a similar activity in their primary National Patriarchal Collage, Al-Ashrafieh. They briefed their fellow students about their activities in the GNRC and prayed with them for the children all over the World.

Omar Al-Sabbagh, 14 years old, carried out a prayer in the Islamic Educational Collage, Jabal Amman. After explaining the story behind this Day of Prayer, Omar read a prayer for children everywhere and recited verses from Al-Qur'an with all students of the school. 

All members of the Fisher Program and the Baby-Fisher program joined the Prayer arranged at the Ecumenical Studies Center (ESC) in the evening of the same day and they invited their friends and families to join them. 

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