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Jewish, Muslim, Christian Youth Go on "Journey of Discovery" in Israel

Following the very successful program last year, GNRC Israel, Neve Shalom - Wahat al Salam, and the Open House, Ramle have again arranged a "Journey of Discovery" in 2008 for a group of 24 teenagers, aged 14 to 17: 10 boys and 14 girls, 10 Jews and 14 Arabs (Muslims and Christians).

As before (see last year’s report), this summer’s goal was to provide an in-depth learning experience for a diverse group of young people – to learn about themselves and about their companions on the Journey. The focus was on their identity and their connection to the land in the context of two different historical narratives – the Jewish Israeli and the Palestinian. Participants were given historical information new to them, both about their own group and, especially, about the other. Between touring and workshop sessions, there was time to reflect on the learning process itself. Each day began with a quiet morning period of contemplation and ended with everyone together in an evening circle for shared reflection, enabling each participant to express their thoughts and feelings about the day just ended.

The workshops conducted in tandem with the travel component are described in detail here.

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