Call to End Child Poverty - Statement

In an age where 1.1 billion children face life without food, malnourished, with little access to shelter, health facilities and quality education - human progress is inconceivable. There is a cost to this inaction. It compromises the beginnings we give our children and condemns them to a life full of inequalities.

Today, as the world commemorates the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, we remind ourselves that the impact of poverty on children is often irreversible. This should underline the urgency and focus required to end child poverty. It is unfortunate that even with so much social and economic progress, in many societies across the world, poverty continues to be deeply entrenched for many. In these countries, the lives of hundreds of millions of men, women and children are blighted by extreme, profound and multi-dimensional poverty. This is particularly cruel conditioning for children and the generations that will follow them.