Shining Ever Brighther

It was in February 1945, very near the end of World War II, that I had the great fortune to meet Rev. Kohei Miyamoto, whom Myochikai members revere as Daionshi, or great spiritual leader. Not long after, I began a new life with the Daionshi and his wife, Rev. Mitsu Miyamoto. At that time, they were poor and unknown ordinary people, but I was deeply impressed by their passion and devotion to the Buddhist faith.

The Daionshi was totally selfless, free from complaints and frustrations, and constantly exuded a deep gratitude for all things. During the severe bombing of Tokyo near the end of the war, he kept a lonely vigil at the head temple of the religious organization to which he belonged. Despite suffering burns in the explosions, he stayed there, risking his life to protect the spiritual treasures in the building. This kind of unwavering faith—and putting it into practice—is the essence of the spirit of Myochikai.